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Spanish Courses

Between them, our partner schools offer a huge range. From Spanish with flamenco or tango to the “travelling classroom” in Venezuela or Exam course preparation, we have what you need.

Intensive Courses:

These are our most popular courses and visited my thousands of students every year. You can usually do courses of this type for
2 – 32 weeks with most people choosing to do 4 or 6 weeks. Minimum stay is 2 weeks. Improvement in your Spanish is guaranteed. Weekly hours in the classroom is your choice and usually 20, 25 or 30 classroom hours. This is a very effective way to improve your Spanish.


This very intensive method ensures personal attention and huge improvements in a short time. You will usually be with the same teacher during the courses but can also choose to have different teachers. Course length and intensity is up to you as these courses offer greater flexibility that group courses.

Exam Courses:

The majority of our partner schools offer preparation course for the internationally recognised Spanish exam D.E.L.E or ECCO. Some prior knowledge of Spanish is required. Some schools offer preparation for the UK exam A/AS Level.

Combined Intensive Courses:

This type of course combines the intensive course with extra 1-to-1 lessons. It’s a great way to use both methods to improve your language. Its slightly more costly but the effect is quickly noticeable.

Combination Courses:

These courses give you the opportunity to learn Spanish intensively and combine it with a special interest or to try something new and exciting: Spanish+Flamenco, Spanish+Sport, Spanish+Scuba-diving, Spanish+Culture, Spanish+Kitesurfing to name just a few.

Spanish for Specific Purposes:

These courses are specialised in the area of Spanish which perhaps you use in your career or maybe simply have an interest in. Courses of this type include Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Legal Spanish and Spanish for Tourism. A great way to improve your language quickly while concentrating specifically on a given theme.

Academic Year Program:

Some of our schools offer the possibility of studying academically with their institute. This is different from the intensive course as it follows closely your academic studies rather than a more general theme. See the individual school websites for more details.

Junior and Teen Program:

This is for the younger learners of Spanish and is especially tailored for their needs. Learning is made fun, is interactive and is sure to keep the youngsters interested. Our partner schools offer these courses over the summer and in some cases coincide with other school holidays.

2-centre Courses:

Some of our schools have institutes in 2 or more locations. If this is the case you can, for example, spend a couple of weeks at the coast and then move on to an inland village or to the capital Madrid. The type of course you choose will not be affected by moving location. This is an interesting way to see more of the country and its contrasts.

Tailor-made Courses:

These are specially designed courses for individuals or groups travelling together. They are the perfect way to fulfil your Spanish learning need. The content is entirely down to you and working in conjunction with the school we can organise the perfect learning environment. It can also include elements of the other courses included in this offer.

Senior Citizens Courses:

Also called 50+ courses by some schools, these classes are specially designed for the older generation. They are especially popular with people thinking of moving to Spain. Courses take into account the content and speed that such learners require. Courses take place all year round.

Teacher Training Courses:

As the name implies these course are for non-native teachers of the Spanish language. They are of an advanced level and specially designed to enhance your ability in the classroom. You will take your Spanish to a new level and learn new activities and take back to your own Spanish classes.

Travelling Classroom:

In only one of our schools (in Venezuela) we can offer you the most unique way to possibly learn Spanish. The classroom does not stay in one place but travels “adventure holiday-style” around the sights of Venezuela. It’s really an amazing way to learn Spanish and the ultimate learning experience of a lifetime that you will never, ever forget.


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