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Spanish course prices

Here's how to take advantage of our service and pay less for your Spanish course:

Step 1

Take your time to browse the website and find the course, accommodation and location that suits you.

Step 2

Click on the school to find prices, special offers, Google map and information and photos from the school. Here you can also calculate the price of the course and the savings you can make.

Step 3

If you like what you see, place the course in the cart and proceed to the booking.

Step 4

Create a login / password and complete the application form. The login can be used later to check the status of the course - confirmation, start dates, accommodation address etc.

Step 5

Choose the payment type and book your course! We will email you with confirmation of your place on the chosen course.


All schools in Malaga - book now and save 10%

Unbeatable offer: 4 weeks at Enforex Valencia

4 weeks course and accommodation: 603 Euro!


Estudia Espana
Skype: estudia_espana


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