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What is Estudia-Espana?

We have built a close working relationship with selected private language schools in many cities in Spain. We visit these schools to ensure that they provide a high standard or service that you expect from a language school. Because our service is based online, we are able to keep our costs to a minimum and, in turn, the schools we represent reduce their costs by allowing Estudia-Espana to process course bookings. Of course it is not only us making savings. We are able to pass on our savings in the form of reduced course costs to you. In most cases we are even cheaper than prices available from the schools themselves!

Why should I book with Estudia-Espana?

The answer is simple: if you want to save money on the price of your trip, you should book with us. However, if you prefer, you can book directly with the school and pay the full list price. Unlike other language school agencies, we also offer transparency with a link to each language school's website - to provide you with all the information you need. This also gives you the chance to see the savings for yourself.

How do I book a course?

Firstly you need to decide which city and school you would like to visit. You then need to decide the course length and type, as well as the accomodation type (if required). Once you have completed the booking process we will confirm your request, and you will be required to pay a deposit of 15% to confirm your place on the course. How you pay the remainder of this balance is entirely up to you: either transfer the whole amount to Estudia-Espana, or pay the remaining 85% directly to the school. At some schools it is even possible to pay the remainder on arrival at the school.

How do I pay for my course?

Payment for your course is only possible by bank transfer. We also recommend for low price money transfers if you are booking your course from outside the EU.

What is not included in the price?

Not included in the prices are flights to and from your destination. These should be booked by you for the required dates. We also recommend that you take out travel insurance before you set off for Spain. While at the school you are covered by their liability insurance for accidents but this is NOT the same as travel insurance. Some schools provide airport transfers at extra cost. This can be arranged after your booking has been confirmed. Some schools provide a programme of extra-curricular activities, some of which are free, while others you will have to pay for when you are there. Extra courses such as flamenco, cooking etc. are usually bookable when at the school and not beforehand.

I've never studied abroad before. What can I expect?

As more and more people are finding out, studying abroad can be the most exciting, impressionable thing one can do. The speed at which people pick up the language while living as a “native” is astounding and what they learn usually stays with them for a much longer time than had they learnt the language part-time or even full-time in their own country. The courses offered by our affiliate schools allow enough free time to really get to know the place you decide to go to. There's a lot more to Spain than the language. The climate, the cultural delights, the food, the tapas, the wine, the people and the traditions all add up to make this a trip you'll never forget.

Will English be spoken in the classroom?

No. From the very start, at all levels, Spanish will be the language used in the classroom. This way you will very quickly become immersed in the language. Don't forget that some of your classmates may not speak English, so it is to the benefit of everyone that Spanish is the common language.

What type of course should I choose?

This depends on your own personal requirements. Obviously the longer you stay, the more your Spanish will improve. Some people book for 3, 4 or even 6 months and still don't think it's enough! It's entirely up to you. Another thing to consider is how many teaching hours a day you should choose. Some people prefer less hours in the classroom knowing that outside the classroom they will have further natural contact with the language. Or simply to have more time to see the sights, meet people or spend time at the pool or beach. Others enjoy the classroom atmosphere and choose more hours. However, this doesn't have to mean you miss out on any leisure activities. For those interested in getting an official qualification in Spanish, some of our schools offer DELE courses. These courses are only recommended for people with a prior knowledge of Spanish. Unless you are an absolute beginner, your level will be tested on the first day of school to ascertain which class you will be placed in.

How do I get to the school?

Don't worry. Before you leave you will be sent clear information on how to get to the school. This will include exact addresses, bus numbers, or train timetables – whatever you happen to require. Some schools offer an airport transfer at extra cost and this can be arranged upon request. It is, however, up to you to book your flights to the destination. If you will be flying to Spain from Europe we can recommend the following low cost airlines:

On arrival in Spain you can choose (at an extra cost) to be picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation. Please let us know if you would like to book this service. Otherwise, taxi and bus are the cheaper and more 'adventurous' options.

Who takes part on these courses?

People do these courses for all kinds of reasons and come from many different cultural backgrounds. You could find yourself in a classroom with people from as far away as Japan and Australia. And the common language will be Spanish. Most students are between 20 and 35 years old, but a large number of older and younger people also take part. Schools generally have a minimum age restriction of 18 years. Strong friendships are often bonded due to the fact that everyone is in the same situation. The atmosphere in the schools is very relaxed and friendly.

Where will I live during my stay?

Again, this is totally down to your own personal requirements. The most popular choice is to share an apartment with other people from school. You have a choice of single or double rooms (double rooms are only available for people who book a course together). This is generally the cheapest option too. Most schools also offer the possibility to stay with a Spanish host family, with Spanish students or in hostels or hotels. The price is usually the determining factor when people choose their accommodation type. See the accommodation section for each individual school for more details.

When do courses start?

In general, courses begin every Monday throughout the year. However, if a holiday falls on the Monday, the start date will be the Tuesday.

Are the schools open during holidays?

Can I have more information about the schools?

Of course. Unlike other agencies, we do not make the schools we represent anonymous. You can click on a link from our page to the page of an affiliate school and browse their information – and check that the savings you make with Estudia-Espana are really up-to-date. We think that transparency is important and encourage you to do this. If you prefer, we can also send you a school brochure which will also provide you with the detailed information you require. Fill in the brochure order form and we'll send one out as soon as we receive your request. Furthermore, if you have any questions we have a call-back telephone service in English, German and Polish. Just send an email requesting a return phone call at a particular time and we will get in touch and be happy to answer any questions. Of course, questions by email will also be promptly replied to.

Are there really no catches?

We promise you there are no catches. No hidden charges. No sting in the tail. We really are providing courses cheaper than the schools themselves. You really do have the opportunity to save money with us. Even on short courses of 2 to 4 weeks you can save up to € 75! Enough to treat yourself to a nice memento from Spain, a couple of evenings enjoying some Spanish food or a weekend away between lessons. Another possibility is to extend your stay or take a class with more hours.

What about general terms and conditions?

The general terms and conditions are those that are stated on each individual schools webpage. For example, the same cancellation rules apply when booking with Estudia-Espana as they would when making your booking directly with the school you choose.


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